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HAUNTED CHANGI back information

HAUNTED CHANGI back information

• Feature film with enhanced footage not seen in cinemas!
• In English (Chinese, Malay & English subtitle options in Asian version only)

• First 3 Chapters of Sheena's book
"What Happened to the Crew of Haunted Changi?"
• 16mm World War 2 archival footage
• Crew's production blog archived
• Original Trailer
• Secret hidden "behind the scenes" movie!

Haunted Changi
                        35mm splice - Collector's Item

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Reviews and Ratings

Straits Times - John Lui  ***
"A spooky tale for urban Singapore... chill inducing... tension building up to the final payoff."

InSing  ***1/2
"Build up of momentum... done incredibly well... rollercoaster rush of climax."

SON:sation - Grade: B+
"Tingling goosebumps and hastened heart-rates are induced..."

Yahoo Movies
"An ingenious little horror film"

Time-Out Singapore
Critics Pick!

Twitch Film/A Nutshell Review
(No Rating)

"Succeeded in making them squirm in their seats."

But what about actual moviegoers?  Here's a clue...

5 out of 5 stars:
Shawn Wei Xuan *****  "Haunted Changi best horror movie"
Firefly Horizon *****  "A True Singapore Experience"
Jamie Rundevilrun *****  "Nice and scary"
Sidhena Chan *****  "I liked the slow burn effect... scary later on"
Ruth Pereira *****  "Great movie"
Hui Qi *****  "The BEST Singapore horror movie that I ever watched"
Junie Epicfailed ***** "Amazing local production"
Ian Smacks Urmom ***** " The Movie was scary and great"
Boyster YourCammander *****  "Coooooooool"
Simmiez Hunts  *****  "Scariest movie I've ever watched"
Jacqueline Ang *****  "Awesome movie... frightening and thrilling"
Calvin Chung *****  "I keep wanting to go back to watch again"
Buckethead Hakiemi  *****  "The movie rulez"
Krithi Choco-Luvs  *****  "The movie was awesome"
Syafeeq Charlie Alexandre  *****  "Awesome movie"
Corissa Cheeze  *****  "Freaking awesome.... shock of my life"
Jaryl Tng  *****  "Thumbs up"
Grace Woo *****  "It was fantastic"
Khalid Supandi  *****   "Simply bone chilling"
Tan Weimin  ***** "Scary atmosphere"
David Schmidt  *****  "Great, fun scary movie"
Jeff Chan  *****  "Bone-chilling eeriness!"
Brendan Chan *****  "Totally awesome"
Regine Rainbow  *****  "One word... awesome!"
Maxz A-bomb  *****
James Goh  *****
Aaron Charles Gabriel  *****
Jeremy Hwang *****
Sidney Reuben Lim *****
Saiyukii Elchiko Cine *****
Terence Vinteh *****
Xiiao Pei *****
Luarenzo Gms *****
Mohammad Azhar Asgar *****

4 out of 5 stars:
Joshua Simon ****  "Blown away by HAUNTED CHANGI"
Aaron Christensen ****  "This is a great movie"
Haarisha Kishor ****  "The movie was awesome"
Wee Beng ****  "Thumbs up for this local film"
Jamal Boyrage Johan ****  "Amazing filming and editing"
Ryan Jes Dhanur  ****  "Fabulous camera work"
Khairul Adha ****  "Funny, scary and fun... enjoyed it a lot"
Carlo Lui Fajardo  ****  "Mix of comedy, horror and suspense"
Dzulkarnain Al  ****  "What next?"
J-Son Folio  ****  "The trip to OCH is breathtaking"

3 out of 5 stars:
Liyan Aziz ***  "Scared me"
Lim Wenqi ***  "A great movie"
Arch Ruzaini Mras - ***  "Great movie"
Hannah Ong  ***  "Great editing... is this for real?"
Ishwar Rajan  ***  "Awesome local production... freaks you out!"

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