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In January of 2010, a group of local filmmakers began exploring the famously haunted Old Changi Hospital in Singapore with terrifying and tragic results.   This movie pieces together the original Haunted Changi film crew's footage to tell the full story.


Brief History of "Old Changi Hospital":

    Old Changi Hospital in Singapore is one of the most notoriously haunted places in the world. 

    During World War II, Japanese forces invaded Singapore and the beaches of Changi were soaked in the blood beheaded civilians and prisoners of war.  The Japanese military took the original Changi buildings and made it their headquarters.  There were many rumors of horrific torture chambers and the bloody executions of POWs.  After the war, the Japanese themselves became the executed and paid for their war crimes with their own blood in the same Changi area.

    In the 1950's the former military barracks were turned into a public hospital.  A perpetual portal for life and death, the premises was proclaimed haunted by the public throughout the years.  Witnesses claimed to see ghosts, Japanese soldiers and even pontianaks -- a Malay vampire.  Some locals even believed that suffering through a serious injury was better than going to the haunted Changi hospital for medical attention.

    In 1994, the original Changi Hospital moved its location.  The buildings have been abandoned ever since 1997, only to be vandalized by those who dare enter.  It's been reported that some explorers never come back out.  But for Singapore thrill-seekers, the attraction to Old Changi Hospital is always there.

    Spirits of different races and nationalities have been reported wandering around the premises.

Inside Old Changi Hospital panorama

Original HAUNTED CHANGI crew:

    Director - Andrew Lau
    Producer - Sheena Chung
    Sound - Farid Azlam
    Camera - Audi Khalis

You can read archived Facebook profiles of the crew up until March 4, 2010 when the production of the film abruptly came to an end.

Note: These profiles have been edited to remove most of the posts that are not related to the film. 
The history of these archives begin only at the end of January, when the crew began working on the project.

Read the crew member's profiles here:

Director Andrew Lau's archived Faecbook page
Producer Sheena Chung's archived Facebook page
Cameraman Audi Khalis's archived Facebook page
Soundman Farid Azlam's archived Facebook page

Andrew, Sheena, Farid     Audi

Story & timeline of original HAUNTED CHANGI production:

    This is a timeline of how the original HAUNTED CHANGI documentary project became HAUNTED CHANGI the motion picture set to be released in cinemas.

    On January 27, 2010 the original HAUNTED CHANGI crew launches their official film blog and announce their documentary project focusing on Old Changi Hospital in Singapore.  The crew continued to communicate their experiences in OCH throughout their production on both the blog and their Facebook pages.

HAUNTED CHANGI blog        

   Below is a timeline of some of the events the occurred during the production.  Please note, that some information is being intentionally withheld so as to not give away too much information and "spoil" the HAUNTED CHANGI film experience.

HAUNTED CHANGI production timeline:

January 30, 2010

   The director Andrew invites the crew to his edit suite to watch an intro montage he's created for the documentary project HAUNTED CHANGI.  The montage contains archival footage.  Audi films "behind the scenes" footage of the meeting and continues to record such footage through the entire production.  (Related blog entry)

February 1-3
The crew records various "man on the street" interviews with locals about experiences in OCH.  They also record an interview with a Singaporean World War II POW who provides them with some "exclusive" and "mysterious" information. 
(Related blog entry)

February 4
Permission granted for the crew to film in OCH for one day and one night.

February 6
Daytime exploration of OCH. 
(Related blog entry)

February 7-11
Andrew reviews footage from daytime exploration finding some "really interesting things."  The findings are shared with the rest of the crew.  A debate ensues amongst the crew about what the footage actually shows.  Some of the crew are skepitcal and dismissive, but some of the crew begin feeling uncomfortable about revisiting OCH at night.

February 13
Night exploration of OCH takes place.  Enlisted are a Taoist priest, the Ghost Hunters of Singapore, two additional helmet mounted infrared cameras, and numerous other devices and "gifted" people.  Many strange experiences occur throughout the night, ending with a terrifying encounter, which is captured on film - unbeknownst to the crew at the time. 
(Related blog entry)

February 15-19
Most of the film crew fall ill.

February 20
Andrew shows the crew some of the night footage, including one of the strange encounters.  Half of the crew vow never to return to OCH.  For the most part the original production has already been shot and the project is now in the post-production stage.

February 23
Popular online portal STOMP posts photos from the crew's night exploration of OCH along with a hint of what the crew experienced.  These photos and the story were leaked by producer Sheena in an effort to help promote the project.  The STOMP post is visited by over 60,000 people within days.

Stomp post
                                          about Haunted Changi crew's

February 26
The original HAUNTED CHANGI Facebook Group is created, inviting anyone to join and post on the page.  It is also a portal for discussions about HAUNTED CHANGI or OCH in general.  This page is still active and is now used to promote the film.  Old historic posts can still be read.

February 28
A major argument erupts amongst crew members about the direction the film seems to be taking under Andrew.  Crew members battle intermittent sickness over the next few weeks as well.

March 4th
After midnight, two of the crew members return to OCH with helmet mounted cameras.  Terrifying footage from these two cameras show exactly what happened that night.  The production of the film abruptly ends.

April 23
All of the rights to the original HAUNTED CHANGI footage captured by the crew is sold to a motion picture production company.  The film, along with much of Audi's "behind the scenes" footage, will be edited in order to tell the full story of what happened to the project and the crew members.  The title will still remain... HAUNTED CHANGI.

September 2
HAUNTED CHANGI is released in Singapore cinemas and is the #1 Most Watched movie during it's opening weekend run.  Debates rage online about the film.

Original HAUNTED CHANGI Blog and Facebook pages:

    The original HAUNTED CHANGI blog is still online and can be read.  It is still active and is used to promote the movie.  However the original blog entries by the film crew from January through March can still be read -- starting here.

    The original crew's Facebook pages are also still available.  Many of the original correspondence between crew members and the pubic during the production can also still be read by going back into the history of the posts.  Please remember that some posts have been intentionally removed to: a) clean up the pages, b) not reveal too much information.   However, please also remember that by going back through the history of the pages, you might find posts that will "spoil" the film experience, as a great deal of information is still present in the old posts.  So it's up to you, the movie viewer, how much information you would like to know before seeing the film.

HAUNTED CHANGI blog         HAUNTED CHANGI Facebook page

    Interact with the HAUNTED CHANGI crew on Facebook.  You can also add some of the original HAUNTED CHANGI crew members on Facebook and correspond with them.

    PHOTOS from the movie are avaiilable on the Facebook Fan page as well.

    Join the HAUNTED CHANGI Facebook Movie Page for new updates on Facebook.  The original HAUNTED CHANGI Facebook Group is also still online and you can join and post or read the old posts of the original crew or interact with other people who are interested in the film or OCH in general.

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